First global maritime TV channel launched

May 15, 2007

The world’s first global maritime television channel Marine BizTV was launched in Dubai. The free-to-air television channel is the initiative of Aries Marines, the Middle East’s largest ship design and consultancy firm based in Sharjah.

MD and CEO of Aries Marines and Marine BizTV Sohan Roy said that the vision of the new television station based in Kochi, Kerala, is to become the single point of contact for all maritime activities and information worldwide.

It also aims “to propagate and help create a safe maritime world, become an educative and informative media for the whole maritime industry, provide a supportive platform to create awareness about the opportunities and developments in the industry and to redefine the market place for maritime buyers where brand owners are provided with new and exciting ways to market their products and services,” Roy said.

The features of the television channel include global coverage, parallel coverage on web TV, clubbed with marine communities around the world, immediate reception and delivery of news, catalyzing maritime business worldwide, focusing on maritime market hubs, penetration into underdeveloped markets, expressing and exchanging ideas and use as a source of information.

The website of the television was launched on Jan. 1 this year, followed by the Internet TV on March 1. The satellite channel for Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia was launched on May 1, followed by the official launch in Dubai on Tuesday.

Launch of the TV for the rest of the world is slated for August 1 this year, Roy said. “As the only TV channel dedicated to the marine industry, our reach extends to a targeted audience of more than one million decision-makers including ports, shipping and transport, ship building and repairs, offshore, oil and gas, marine survey, naval defence, marine equipment, research and development, marine salvage, marine insurance, marine museums, marine tourism, maritime institutes, cruise and leisure, fishing and aquaculture, expeditions and recruitment,” Roy said.

The television uses all available resources to generate maximum publicity efficiency through website campaigns, newsletters, tie-up with marine associations, institutes and clubs, maritime journals, exhibitions and events coverage, advertising and marketing campaigns, award presentations and collaboration with cable operators, tourist destinations, hotels and resorts.


May 11, 2007

Marine BizTV, a new dimension to Maritime Media

May 6, 2007

On the 7th of May 2007 Dubai, the most rapidly advancing maritime hub, will bear witness to the beginning of a new era in the maritime world through the launch of Marine BizTV, the first ever 24 hour free to air global maritime channel. With the sea trade system undergoing a period of rapid transition along with shifting economic circumstances and the entry of new players into the global maritime scenario, there couldn’t have been a more opportune moment to come up with this novel concept, a venture that will redefine the maritime sector for ages to come.

About 90% of the global trade moves by sea and there have been phenomenal development in the methods employed and technologies used in various maritime activities from offshore drilling to super tanker construction, however there is a lack of permeation of knowledge and a central source of information, and Marine BizTV intends to do just that and provide the viewers with a unique and novel insight into the diversified maritime world with a global perspective.

“It was always felt that the best ideas, activities and developments taking place in the maritime world were never conveyed instantaneously and in actuality to all persons involved in the maritime industry. This is the prime reason that led to the creation of Marine BizTV”, said Mr. Sohan Roy, a Naval Architect and certified film director, the Managing Director of Marine BizTV and CEO of Aries Marine, the largest Ship design and consultancy firm in the Middle East, based in Dubai.

Marine Biz TV will broadcast over Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa with the official launch on May 7th 2007and will cover North and South America from August 1st 2007. This channel aims at being a single point of contact for all maritime activities and information worldwide, propagating and helping in creating a safer maritime world. A definitive market place for maritime buyers and sellers–Marine BizTV will provide a supportive platform to the future professionals creating awareness about the opportunities and developments in the maritime industry.

Web TV at is the online arm of the Marine BizTV and will provide full-fledged support to the satellite channel and will ensure that the ideas and visions of the channel reach the worldwide web and that it can be accessed from anywhere anytime using the unique archive access facility. These ideas and visions will lead to becoming a one stop shop and classroom for all aspects marine and maritime, and will save a lot of time and effort for end-users by eliminating the need to shift through several sites on any particular maritime information The key feature of the channel is that it is sector specific providing its viewers with live updates on events and activities taking place in the maritime andother associated sectors, including those involved in the ship building industry, offshore industry, marine equipment, fishing and aquaculture arenas, maritime recruitment agencies, ship repairing, marine insurance etc.

Marine Biz TV programs concentrate on the whole and parts of the Marine industry while being both informative and entertaining to enthusiasts. They are classified into Technical programs such as international exhibitions, Boat shows, product launches, company introduction, programs on ship management, latest development in the maritime sector, programs on repair and service of ships, latest news, magazines and journals review, interviews of corporate heads, achievers, personalities, maritime recruitment, educative sessions like seminars, trainings, Quizzes and debates, and Entertainment programs like ball room parties, theme nights, programs on mannerisms, ethics, personality development, music and arts, water sports, exploration and expeditions, tourism, cruising, yachting, maritime museums, seascape artists, IT game zone, marine myths and mysteries etc.

Marine BizTV is backed in its vision by a strong foundation of famous maritime societies and institutions along with IMCs (International Maritime Club), a creation of Marine BizTV to bring together communities and individuals of similar maritime interests to a common platform for ease of communication and exchange of ideas, and is bolstered by Aries marine’s eminent and extensive global maritime network. The second phase of Marine BizTV would include telecast in 8 different languages and the website would have a 30 language interface. Having achieved the
implementation of this uniquely exclusive and novel concept, Aries group and Marine BizTV led by Mr. Sohan Roy includes in their future plans the hosting of the worlds largest maritime exhibition, with over 2,500 stalls, at Dubai in 2009, and also the inception of an international Maritime University.

The mega launch function of this land mark venture will be held at Hotel Crowne Plaza, Dubai. This event will be observed by the largest maritime gathering in the Middle East with over thousand prominent individuals from the international maritime sector visiting the venue to grace the occasion. The launch is accompanied by an awards ceremony to encourage greater communication about the maritime sector among the masses and increase the standards and image of it. The international maritime video awards will be conducted annually thereafter.